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captions paid for by nbc-universal television it's september 5th. but the good news is, it's wines-day wednesday. we're all ready for kick-off of the nfl season. thank you very much. >> we have on our jerseys. >> frank gifford, don't be upset. so my frank gifford is at home so i have to wear eli manning. >> and i'm wearing drew brees. >> i love him. i really love him.
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>> we're also doing something we never do on this show. wearing pants. >> there are certain people who shall remain nameless, who will not be happy. >> we wanted to wear jeans today because we're doing a jeans segment. these are not your mother's jeans. >> the sexiest. >> these jeans are like leggings. >> they're like velvet leggings. yeah. >> uri dick euless >> oh, good, you shaved. >> and i love these. >> these are cute, too, aren't they. >> let's see. cute, cute, i love these. >> this is wines-day wednesday and you're not supposed to take any kind of wine into sporting events, we have this! look at my new purse. >> that's a beautiful bag. where did you get it? >> i got it at volari. >> oh, and what's so unique about it? >> it's wine and has a nozzle here.
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>> stop it. you are not going to get people in trouble. >> you know this is going to be a disaster. i'm scared. how do you do it? >> i don't know. >> ah! >> oh! >> this is the best thing ever! >> i'm afraid. >> hold it up and squeeze this. push the top, i think. >> oh. or maybe push the button on the top. >> this is a catastrophe. i can't get it open. >> push the button. hang on. >> oh! >> hodie, hodie. we pride ourselves here at nbc news in letting the public in on the newest and most wonderful gadgets that are available. >> that is awesome. >> for a small fee. >> by the way, it's 15 bucks, by the way. >> it was a gag, like i'm really -- never mind. >> we have something that's coming up, very exciting for all of the college students. >> it's the college thing?
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>> speaking of wine and alcohol. we are going to do something really fun. we're going back to college for a keg party. we might be coming to your college. >> it depends on you. >> here's the deal. we want you guys, at different universities, to go on our twitter page, okay, and do a hashtag -- this is extremely important. please take notes with your notepad. klgandhodau. >> like university. send us pictures and we will pick six colleges. >> show your school pride. we will pick the schools with the most spirit on twitter. >> let me tell you something else. when we're done, it's going to be narrowed down to six. you guys will vote and the single college that is the winner with the most votes, we're going to do our show from there in october. >> we are? am i going to be there, too? >> i don't know. >> have a little thing called
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scandalous i'm trying to put on broadway. >> this will be scandalous, too. can you imagine on your campus, our show? you know what i'm saying? >> so much for an education. >> this is why your parents are spending $35,000 to $50,000 a semester for you, or a year, whatever it is. who cares? >> carnival cruise, your -- >> my alma mater? ♪ in the mornings, in the evening, we've got fun ♪ >> they're sick and tired -- >> of me. that's why after 20 years i don't work there anymore. >> they were sick and tired of people waking up super early and taking their towels on the deck chairs and marking their spot and going to have breakfast and doing everything else and leaving an empty chair sitting hours upon end. so they've decided it's not fair to hog a seat you're not sitting in. >> i think like much of what carnival does, they listened to their customers. they had a lot of people complain. i think it's rude to go and grab
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something and then not use it, like you do all the time. >> let me say this. they have 40 minutes. they have a timer. if you're not back in 40 minutes, they take your stuff and cast it aside. >> they're not going to throw it overboard. >> and then your seat's open. i'm one of those people at the beach, i wake up early,i do stuff, you know, i want to make sure we have chairs. so i put towels and magazines and sunglasses, whatever, on chairs, go have breakfast leisurely. >> i know you do. >> come back. >> a beach is different. >> there's limited chairs down there, you know what i mean. >> you can leave it on the sand, hoda. get a little sand where the sun don't shine, what's the problem? >> i sort of like the idea the early bird gets the worm, too bad. >> i do, too, then use it, beat the worm, don't let it sit there while other people are -- i got up this morning to try to do what you do and try to get on the treadmill at the apartment building. >> how -- >> at the gym.
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i thought i was nice and early. every single machine was taken up. i did a few weights. i looked like the biggest wimp because the treadmill was busy. there was one empty. oh, out of order. >> people line up early. they are right when it opens. >> i know. >> you were already busy last night, the first day of rehearsals. >> it went until 7:00. i rewrote until 10:00, and it will be like that the next few months. >> was it thrilling? >> it was invigorating. i looked at our cast, they're extraordinary people, the most talented on broadway. there's george hearn, four time nominee and two time winner, he's brilliant in it. it's thrilling. i will try not to bore you to death with it. >> you probably will. >> i probably already have. >> this is the weirdest proposal you will ever hear. >> this is strange. >> that's good. >> this guy in russia wanted to propose to his girlfriend.
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he didn't know whether she would say yes or no. he wanted her to realize how life would be without him. >> to convince her of the magnitude of that. >> he decided to stage a fake car accident -- >> he hired -- he went to great expense. >> yes, makeup artist, script writer, stuntman. there he was, strewn out on the street and she thought he was dead. >> he acted dead. >> he acted dead. >> and then he rose from the dead and proposed. and she said, yes! >> yes! how do you say yes in russian? >> da! >> da! >> i can't believe she said yes. >> that is so creepy and sick. >> it's the most romantic thing i've ever heard. [ crash ]. >> terrible. >> can you imagine what their life is going to be like? >> it won't be boring.
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a lot of marriages die of boredom, hodie. >> this is the part of the show i hate. anyway, so phil galanos is a friend of ours and writes the social column of the "new york times." a man wrote in recently and he was saying they were at a party and his wife was showing off a diamond ring. okay. what was the story? another guy -- >> a man who happened to be a jeweler saw it and realized that it was a cubic zirconia. >> it was a fake. >> it was a fake. the question was, should the jeweler let the woman know that the ring is a fake? >> or -- >> or should he just zip it? >> galanos says he should let it go, not his concern or business and let her go on with her life thinking she has a diamond. >> thinking her husband is a really great guy. >> it is a weird thing people do
2:14 am
sometimes. >> what's weirder is when people say, is that real? >> they do it all the time. >> i love your earrings, are those real? >> i don't wear many real things because i lose things. >> really, hoda? everything you ever lost is in your purse. >> if things look good, who cares? do you care? >> you know what, i used to care, then frank gave me a beautiful diamond engagement ring, it was just beautiful and it was stolen about 10 years ago or something. after that, i didn't. i only wanted it because i wanted to some day give it to my daughter. that stuff doesn't mean anything -- nothing means the same as it used to. i was talking with this reporter and he sits with me, he was here with us. he has some four books i've written over the years. one when i was 21 years old, i said, i'm not her anymore so don't take anything out of that. the next one was just when i thought -- no, no, i can't believe i said that, from 1993,
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i said -- take the one with the eggs. i'm out of eggs, that's the one that's me now. >> and you're evolving. i'm evolving to the most serious person on the planet is the person no longer growing. >> we have a big show coming up. >> but enough about my rear end. >> she has a new album and new show. >> we catch up with the grammy award winning songwriter, ashanti after this. ♪ do you remember ♪ the many subs of september? ♪ ♪ five, five, five [ male announcer ] it's subway's birthday and everyone's celebrating. 'cause many of your faves are now $5 footlongs™. even italian b.m.t®, oven roasted chicken, black forest ham and more, september only. join the subprize party. ♪ with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health.
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designed for men's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day men's 50+ healthy advantage. ♪ that's grammy award winning artist ashanti singing "the woman you love" featuring busta rhymes. her first single off her upcoming album "braveheart." >> not only is she a singer/songwriter, but also an author, actor and, get this, executive producer and co-host
2:18 am
of "fuse news," a new show launching this fall. what's up, ashanti? >> miss fancy. >> got a lot going. >> have a lot of stuff going. i'm very grateful. >> let's talk about fuse news. this is a new hat you're wearing. >> hoda has a show called booze news. >> careful will. >> but tell us about "fuse news." >> absolutely amazing. i'm so exciting. basically a music news show that's kind of filling the void. we used to have mtv and they kind of went towards reality tv. so this is something that i think we're going to pie noneerd inject something back into music. >> so tell us the content. what it eegs s it going to be a? >> i'm very excited about it. it's music news and talking about album sales and itunes and what's going on and maybe into relationships who's dating who, maybe, but more about musical content, things we want to know, watching videos, news videos, new artists. it will be really cool. >> speaking of who's dating who, who are you dating? what's your story? i'm looking at you thinking, i
2:19 am
don't know if i know. >> my album, "braveheart," has an amazing heart. pp. >> do you know something i don't know? >> no. i don't know. let's talk about "braveheart," shall we? >> amazing film. >> i kind of took the metaphor of that film and why i named the album "braveheart." it's about women being empowering and very deep. with my record level written entertainment and this new show, it's just showing being a woman and building the brand. and i hope this is inspiring to women to keep going and moving forward. the album is amazing, i'm excited about it. i worked with so many different producers. and it's kind of deep. i'm going places i've never gone. >> did you write all the music? >> yes. written entertainment. pf h pf l
2:20 am
. >> what's different from what we've known before? i can't believe it's been 10 years. >> isn't that crazy? my first album came out in 2002. >> you talk about how tough this business is. >> yes. >> is that why you exec produce so much of this? >> yes, absolutely. it's important to have your hands in it. ten years, oh, my gosh. my gosh, it is so important to be hands on with everything you're doing, you know. the world perceives you as who you are, your image. you have to have everything to do it. you have to take the responsibility, be a part of your brand. >> how has your style changed over ten years, your music style? >> obviously growing up, growing through so many different experiences in love and knowing myself and growing as a woman especially in this music industry, you go through up and downs. it's a character builder. when bad things happen, it's about being a survivor. >> your mom is here videotaping us. >> yes, always. >> she's your manager.
2:21 am
how important was it to have her with you along the way? >> my mom is absolutely my backbone. i couldn't do it without her. just having someone who genuinely cares about you and supportsou and really is after your personal being, is really protecting you. i don't have to worry about my mom stealing from me. >> the only person on the entire planet you trust, isn't she? >> yeah. i have a top five. she's definitely number one. >> it's true, though. when you look at musical artists, who do you look at and say, that's the kind of career i'd like to have. >> my gosh, longevity, someone who has graced us with amazing music. i'm trying to think of a pioneer that has really done, like going way back to ella fitzgerald and, you know, the big huge icons, aretha franklin, having passion. stevie wonder still alive and kicking and having fun with it. after a while sometimes you go through things and you get a little discouraged or disheartened.
2:22 am
>> or bored. >> absolutely. >> keep on with the passion. >> absolutely. ♪ ashani >> thank you. thanks for being with us. >> next, off the wall photos, you love this, that make you say what the what? but i love sara. e energized. i have more energy. you know, i'm not tired anymore after taking it. i was skeptical but i decided one day i'd try it. 5-hour energy works fast. i have the energy to get through a meeting, to get through a workout. it keeps me alert for a long period of time, and keeps me going. on or off the course, play with energy, 5-hour energy. ♪ [ female announcer ] with its rich, silky smooth taste there's magic in every piece of dove® dark chocolate.
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it is that time to take a look at all those hysterical photos that make you say what the what? >> sara has looked at these pictures for years and here with this week's top picks. >> i barely get by, honestly. our first photo is from karen from connecticut. >> that's great! >> that was taken at a resort, she walk out and saw him drinking the martini. >> seriously. >> my gosh, he won't find his -- never mind.
2:27 am
>> he will have trouble finding his way home. >> he will have trouble finding his way home is what she meant. >> from spring branch, texas, submitted this photo, missing black cow. she drove by a few days later and noticed it didn't end well. that really happened. >> these are good, sara! >> i think we should stop right now. >> why don't we just wrap it, go to commercial. we have a photo from cindy atkins. in case you weren't sure, that pole was there and we will warn you about the bigger pole in case you missed that. this photo was named because it was near the sulfur in the area. it really did smell. >> that's a terrible smell. >> they could have been more creative. >> stinking creek road. >> imagine living on it.
2:28 am
>> finally, rachel blackwell from virginia submitted this photo. >> your number 2 is my number 1. >> that's going to leave a mark. >> that's disgusting. back to stinking creek road! >> oh, my gosh. >> i must say that was quite illuminating and entertaining as well. >> you had a home run, best one ever. a picture worthy of our "what the what"? go to our website and you can enter. are you ready for some football? we will find out about tonight's big kickoff, when we play your favorite game, "who new"? thank god it's wines-day wednesday. and we will look at the latest trends for the fall and to the dining table with our mouths watering, you can do it for just 10 bucks. after your local news. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain.
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we are back with more to play the weekly trivia game called "who knew." and the defending super bowl champions, dallas and the new york giants. and we're brushing up on everything football. kathie lee is next door and ready to give out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right and an nfl new jersey to those who don't. >> i'm not happy because people want my cds! >> and here to discuss it and they don't even get a kathie lee cd. >> i don't like your tone. i don't like it at all. why is a football sometimes called a pigskin, mr. denver? please stand up. the first balls were made from the skin of pigs.
2:32 am
the first balls reminded people of the way a pig's skin looks. the earliest footballs in soccer were made of inflated pig bladders. >> yikes. >> or players are so big, like hogs. >> i'll go with one, the first one. >> you're wrong, mr. denver. >> what is it? >> oh, oh. well -- >> it's definitely not the skin of pigs. >> okay. so the correct answer is? >> the pig bladder. earliest -- the earliest footballs were for soccer balls and sewn from pig's bladders and also used human skulls for soccer balls. >> are you making that up about the skulls? >> no. >> back across the street to kathie. >> when was the last time the nfl played a game on a wednesday? last season, 1948, 1980 or never. >> i'm going to say never. >> no, so sad. >> this would have been a great day for kathie lee's cd.
2:33 am
the right answer is 1948. >> back then they played them any day. >> the rams beat which proves on any given wednesday -- >> anything can happen. you never know. back across to kathie. >> okay. you are from? >> from -- >> i'm just testing you. the top price for a super bowl ticket last year was $1200. what did the top ticket cost for the first super bowl in 1967, $12, 25, $50 or $100? >> bababooey! >> okay. >> i will go with $25. >> it's a bashar assad day. oh! >> the correct -- ah. >> she's happy. >> the correct answer -- they're making out, is $12. >> and at the l.a. coliseum, the
2:34 am
game was not sold out. i guess the prices were pretty steep. >> $1200 they say at a super bowl tick, if you were to scalp it -- >> if it's your team, a small team such as green bay, $5,000 or $10,000. >> everybody's terrified of leslie, except this big guy from denver. all right, sir. approximately, how many footballs are used per game? 24, 48, 50, or 100? >> can you say that one more time? >> i've got the card. >> take your time. it's just an hour show. >> i will go with 50. >> you're wrong as well. >> a nice dainty toss for him. >> the correct answer, 48. >> they want to keep them going if it's bad weather. 12 of the 48 are just for the kickers. they have special kicking balls. did you know that? >> no, i didn't. >> in the old days they rough them up and scuff them up and now try to level it out and make it a level playing field. >> beautiful family from hudson,
2:35 am
ohio with us today. which team has won the most super bowls? the baltimore ravens, pittsburgh steelers? green bay packers or new york giants? >> the pittsburgh steelers. >> like a champ. like a champ! >> look at this kid. he probably wants the jersey. the steelers, how many? >> the steelers and dallas were both in eight super bowls. they've been in the most. pittsburgh, six-pack. >> who holds the giants' all time record for the most touchdowns scored, phil simms, eli manning, alex webster or frank gifford? >> frank gifford? >> what a great answer. >> that is the best answer. >> still all time record. what did he have, 78 touchdowns? 10 extra points and two field goals. as kathie lee knows, he can do it all. >> that's the best picture of frank ever. doesn't he still hold a record at usc? >> honey, he holds lots of records.
2:36 am
>> all right. len, thank you so much. love having you. love love love. >> thanks. >> you can watch the dallas cowboys play the new york giants tonight at 7:30 eastern on nbc. how to avoid the blues, when you are wearing denim. kat is coming from across the street and we will talk about it. i feel more energized. i have more energy. you know, i'm not tired anymore after taking it. i was skeptical but i decided one day i'd try it. 5-hour energy works fast. i have the energy to get through a meeting, to get through a workout. it keeps me alert for a long period of time, and keeps me going. on or off the course, play with energy, 5-hour energy.
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now on today's style, wearing denim but avoiding basic blue. here the latest denim trends all of us can wear is self-fashion editor, lindsey huggins. >> hey, lindsey. >> yours are darling. >> isn't it cute? i am mixing the trend of metallic and floral. >> she's wearing a page jean, paisley front. what woman doesn't want that?
2:41 am
we all want our legs velvety. >> these are like velvet. >> i could not get over. >> super soft jeans. >> we have models coming out. first up is amy. she's not in your typical blue jean. she has a wax jean. he has a wax jean. it's meant to look like leather. they're actually coated to look exactly like leather. what i love about this also is get this, they're reversible. they're two for one. $175, reversible and it's a total steal. >> we should point out you are a pro. look what's happening to her right now. she was getting miked up and you were beautiful at it. beautiful. >> what i love about the styling is you want the attention to really be on the jeans. you want to keep the look very clean, very polished and she looks lovely. >> you look great, amy. next up is leah. she has the florals on.
2:42 am
>> floral is something we did see in spring and summer and transitioning into fall. it has a nice dark background. elsie jean, available at macy's, $78. >> are they comfy? you like them? jeans when they cut you in a weird place, you don't want to wear them because they don't feel good. >> you definitely want to be comfortable. >> thank you. come on, irene. she is next. she is wearing houndstooth. >> irene is in our menswear trend. houndstooth is what we will focus on. we can find this in plaids, herringbone and houndstooth is the most flattering.
2:43 am
this is something she can wear on a casual friday, and she can transition this into tonight, throw on a jacket and ready for boot night. >> the boots are $179, and the same designer as kathie lee. >> very nice. we have a special model coming out. hi, sara. she's in an h & m metallic jean, $34. total steal. this is something she can wear date night, girl's night out and transitions into holidays, wonderful, too. >> those are fun. >> instead of wearing your basic black pants to a holiday. >> would you wear those? >> i would have never picked them but when i put them on, i like them. >> they match your hair. >> they sure do. let's bring everybody out. >> thank you, everybody and thank you, lindsey. >> all right. marriage, children, work and everything else in your busy life kind of wearing you down? >> you think? how to bring happiness back into your life.
2:44 am
good morning. i'm crystal egger with your forecast. we'll start with this afternoon, there will be showers and stormts across the high plains with the next cold front, cooling off temperatures quite a bit. we'll have a few isolated showers across the southeast, even in the charlotte area, that's why president obama's speech has been moved indoors. 92 in washington, 92 in louisville, hot and humid and pop-up showers. temperatures are well into the triple digits, texas oklahoma, arkansas, even northern louisiana. keep in mind you add in the humidity and the heat indices are going to be even higher than that. friday gets a lot busier across the western lakeses and down tots midwest. we'll take some of this rain as we're in a severe drought across the heartland. again, accompanying a severe threat. 72 in billings for friday, still hot hot hot in the southern plains, 87 in louisville.
2:45 am
we'll have the 80s and 90s across the east and we'll track this system as it moves that way and brings more scattered showers and storms, unsettled weather for saturday, sunday we trim down, where most of these showers are it clears out in atlanta and places like louisville. monday looking quiet across much of the country from the east to the west. 76 in los angeles and a nice 76 in louisville. still pretty hot and muggy across the gulf coast. here's your tuesday outlook, tuesday a few showers over the colorado rockies. we'll be wautching the tropics, something to tune in for as we track two systems in the atlantic. you can always "wake up with al" and stephanie weekday mornings 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. right here on the weather channel. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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who wouldn't want to be a little happier? something gretchen ruben has taken to heart. her best-selling book "the happiness project" takes on monthly resolutions ziep design improve lives. >> now she has a new follow-up book called "happier at home." read samuel johnson and my other experiments in the practice of everyday life. >> it's been nice having you. >> i know, i went a little nuts on the title and got it all end. >> why did you decide to write another follow-up? >> i had such great experience with my happiness project, but i realized i wanted to go more narrow and deeper into this idea of home. i realize so many elements of the happy life for me and most people converge at home. once i had the idea to do it, i just became preoccupied with what could i do to be preoccupied at home. that's what matters most. >> let's go through that list and tell us why samuel johnson will make us happier? >> samuel johnson, when i read him, i feel like i understand
2:49 am
myself better. everybody has those people that resonates with them. >> soup for the soul. >> samuel johnson isn't for everyone but -- >> find that person for you. >> it's interesting. people say possessions don't make you happier it's not what you have but who you have. you say there are some possessions that make you happy. >> for most of us, there are some possessions that make you happier. they are precious to us, look like old warm mugs or old tattered chair but remind us of the people and activities and places we love and allow us to project ourselves into our environment and remind us what's important to us. getting rid of everything you don't use, don't love -- >> that can make you happier. >> it is, right. >> especially if somebody else could use it, that's the greatest feeling. >> what i found, if you know who you can give something to, it's easier to get it out of your house.
2:50 am
go and live a happier life somewhere else. >> like the salvation army. amazing. >> so many things are little things. you pay attention to your good-byes. when leaving a family gathering, don't say, did so-and-so leave? i sneak out. >> hoda does drive by s. >> i want the atmosphere in my home to be attentive engaged feeling. hello and good-bye is a way to check in every time you come and go. it's easy. doesn't take time and money. give it a shot. >> do you believe some people are innately happy? >> 50% is hardwired and the other percent is controlled by what we do and how we think.
2:51 am
>> some of it, you're born a tigger or eyore. hardwired. >> you say abandon a project. >> i thought this was my private pathology. turns out a lot of people have this. you start something and lose interest, it's harder than you thought. >> dump it? >> dump it. that knitting project and have beer in your bathroom, i will do that scrapbook for my daughter's senior year and now she's out of college. >> it doesn't matter. if you don't have the passion for it, it doesn't matter. >> you keep it and it weighs on your conscious and on the shelves. i had it with origami, we're not going to do it. give it to my daughter's art teacher. >> thanks for coming to see us. okay, mom, what's r dinner? >> how to make a memorable meal
2:52 am
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on "today's" kitchen, what's cooking? it's dinnertime and you have to whip up something quick and healthy your family likes without spending a lot of dough. the author of "10 dollar dinners." she is here. she is melissa! >> are you serious about the $10 for this entire meal? >> i couldn't be more serious. there are some tricks. for instance, we are going to take the classic standby inexpensive meal, meatloaf and give it an ethic twist. we will start with eggs, go in with ginger, cinnamon and cumin. >> what is cumin? >> cumin is going to give it a
2:57 am
lot of earthyness. >> hoda, hold up -- you're funny telling me. that is funny, hoda. >> what's great about this is you're going to get some interesting new flavors into a package that your kids will already know and love. this is a great way to introduce a new flavor. >> i find kids don't like new stuff, you know, you have to sneak it in. >> you have to give them something they can identify with, like a meatloaf or meatballs. then put in the new flavor. >> it's coagulating. >> we're adding in cilantro and instead of breadcrumbs, i'm using oats. >> look, she pulsed out some oats. >> a little bit of oats for heart health. >> it's coagulating. why is that happening? >> why are you saying that word. >> coagulating is not often used on cooking shows. >> i just used it. i will use it again. it's coagulating!
2:58 am
>> i tell you what, i will stop you. at home, just go ahead and dig your hands in it. >> not now. or now. now is good. >> so now what do we do? >> here is my trick. you know on meatloaf, you get the great crust on the top and the rest is a little bit soggy. here is my trick. i line a meatloaf plan with the plastic. look. i flip it over, i pull it out. look. now, i've got three sides of crust and fabulousness. and it's a perfect shape. >> see. >> you know, there's the stuff my mother use, i'm trying to remember the name, kitchen bouquet. have you ever used kitchen bouquet? it makes such a great crust. try that on the top. you can learn something too once in a while. >> you know what, i will try kitchen bouquet. >> it gives such a great crust, honestly. >> this is kind of ketchupy glaze except i added in a little bit of cinnamon and lemon zest. and glaze it up, into the oven.
2:59 am
on the side, i'm making stuffed veggies. take any veggies you get at the farmer's market, scoop out the inside, cook up the inside. here's what's great. just moisten it with bolger. >> what is bolger? >> a grain. super cheap, in the grain aisle. mix it up in here and then stuff it in. you know. that's also an option. >> let's eat. >> when you bake it, let me show you what it comes out to be. look at that. inexpensive, perfect $10 dinner, the meatloaf, my bread pudding, my secret is raspberry jam instead of fresh raspberries. >> look at that! don't forget, we are searching for a college campus with spirit. >> tweet the name of your school telling us why we should pick your campus, everybody.
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